Pamphletarian Theology with Cláudio Carvalhaes | A Muslim Man Living on the Streets

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Dear Friends,

Every Monday I post a theological pamphlet about some theme/issue/topic related to life and God. A pamphlet is a piece of paper, from one to 4 pages, that can be folded, holding short position on something with just enough information to spur some action. My pamphlets will be expressed through a folding/unfolding of short videos. Revolutions disseminate through the distribution of pamphlets, hoping to catch people’s attentions to something that only a group, together, can make happen. It is a performative way of doing theology, or in the words of Tom Driver, it is “the showing of a doing.”

The hope here is that these doings, these pamphlets, in forms of actions, movements, words, books, art, performances, images, dreams, hopes and imagination, will gain some social ripple effects that might help us think/act/change somethings in our individual/common life.

This project is inspired by Prophet Gentleness, Profeta Gentileza, a man who decided to give up everything in life to write a long pamphlet to the world bellow a car bridge in Rio De Janeiro, to distribute flowers, share love and give strong words demanding that we love one another.

Like Prophet Gentileza, as a Christian social-eeconomic-cultural-religious actor, I have responsibilities with our ways of living. So my eye, ear, mouth, hands and body will try to be with, or near to the poor. Perhaps, only perhaps, we will find common breathings of the Spirit in our midst, so  we can share a common, even if radically different, enthusiasm/en-theos-ism (being possessed by God) in our lives!

Come join me! Watch the videos! Do something where you are!



An Interview With A Muslin Man Living On The Streets


Read more about Cláudio Carvalhaes here.

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One Comment on "Pamphletarian Theology with Cláudio Carvalhaes | A Muslim Man Living on the Streets"

  1. Annie Tinsley April 14, 2014 at 5:07 pm ·

    It is interesting that this homeless man has such insight into the politics of war. It is as if he like many others were used and thrown away by the military. Yet, so many people still put their faith in this system. I wish those who recruit would do a better job of educating people and steering people beyond signing up and going to war. I am sure they are told that a better life awaits them for serving their country. However, for many this is not true.

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