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The Debate Goes On: More on “The Secret in Their Eyes”

July 3rd, 2011|

In my previous post, on the Argentine film "El secreto de sus ojos" (The Secret in Their Eyes, Juan José Campanella 2009), I made some criticisms on a review of the film written by Matt Losada for the journal Cineaste. I was very glad to find out that Mr Losada read my entry and published his own response in this website. Here I would like to reply to Mr Losada, taking issue with some of his patronising accusations about my views on Argentine justice and on the Oscars. My objective is not to pursue a personal contest with my interlocutor but to clarify some notions on Argentine recent history and contemporary politics, notions which are extremely important and which underlie all discussions on Campanella’s film.

Memory, history, forgetting, and Oscars: The Secret in Their Eyes and film criticism of Latin American cinema

April 27th, 2011|

Upon its release in Argentina in 2009, Juan José Campanella’s El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes) opened up a widespread debate in the national media – something to be expected from a film that revisits the violence of the recent Argentine past in the form of a commercial genre film.

The Many Faces of Oliver Stone?: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and South of the Border

January 2nd, 2011|

Two films directed by Oliver Stone were released in 2010: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (WS) and South of the Border (SB). Formally, the two films could not be more different: the first one is a fiction film, the sequel to Stone’s famous Wall Street (1987), while the second is a political documentary on contemporary […]

Nostalgia for the Present: The Expendables, Stallone, and Ethnocentrism

October 20th, 2010|

Of the many action blockbusters released every summer, one of this year’s hits was The Expendables, directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone, and featuring cameo appearances by Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film tells the story of a bunch of ageing mercenaries, led by Barney Ross (Stallone), who are hired to free the imaginary […]