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Heike Peckruhn

About Heike Peckruhn

I am a German-Thai co-production - grew up in a rural area in Germany and am now living in the US. Theologically, I have been shaped by anabaptist theology and postcolonial theory.

Calling Out Bodies

February 16th, 2012|

Postcolonial Body Performance Narratives (PBPN) – What is it? PBPNs diversely engage postcolonial themes, theories, theologies, and realities from decidedly situated perspectives and irreducibly treat bodies and lived experiences as multidimensional sites from which to theorize postcolonial corporeality. Attention to the body is more than just a flirtation with the idea of the body as […]

Tending Body Knowledge

June 14th, 2010|

My brown body is flesh. What was mixed and stirred together in the messiness of two bodies from different corners of the earth coming together became my flesh. In my case, the brown body that entered the world brought about a life-threatening tearing up of the brown world it came from. Literally. My mother’s womb […]