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Postcolonial Networks brings together scholars, activists, and leaders with the urgency of a movement to foster decolonized relationships, innovative scholarship, and social transformation.

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The Postcolonial Church: Theology, Identity, and Mission | St. Paul’s University; Limuru, Kenya | May 2014

March 15th, 2014|

The May 2014 meeting on "The Postcolonial Church: Theology, Identity, and Mission" is on the horizon!

UPDATE: Pressing On: Legacy of Marcella Althaus-Reid, July 9-12, 2013, Buenos Aires

June 19th, 2013|

Check out the schedule of presenters and activities for an amazing conference, sponsored by Postcolonial Networks, ISEDET, and GEMRIP, that brings together postcolonial and queer theological and theoretical approaches!

Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations Roundtable

June 18th, 2013|

"The volume begins by locating the ensuing chapters within the narrative of the Postcolonial Roundtable, underscoring the imperative of identifying narrative, location, and convictions."

Postcolonial Networks Book Project: The Election of Pope Francis

June 16th, 2013|

"Postcolonial frameworks attune us to contradictions, complexities, paradoxes, and ambivalences that mark our social, cultural, economic, and religious formations."

St. Paul’s University | The Postcolonial Church: Theology, Identity & Mission

May 1st, 2013|

May 28-30, 2014
Postcolonial Networks will collaborate with St. Paul’s University in Kenya, for “The Postcolonial Church: Theology, Identity & Mission.” This 3 day conference will be convened by Esther Mombo. Decolonial and postcolonial papers are welcome in the areas of: biblical studies, history, mission, public theology & religious conflicts. The 250-word abstracts are due by […]

Pressing On: Legacy of Marcella Alhaus-Reid

June 25th, 2012|

July 9-13, 2013 in Buenos Aires at ISEDET Meeting initiated by Postcolonial Networks ISEDET Scholar Convener - Nestor Miguez Meeting Scholar Conveners: Mario Aguilar, St. Andrew’s University...(CLICK TITLE FOR MORE)