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Voicing Over: The Citizens’ Media Diaries

October 1st, 2010|

Namita Singh is currently pursuing her PhD on Participatory Video in the UK, at the Open University. She is a researcher and consultant focused on participatory media. This is what she loves talking about.

So, let’s get the conversation flowing..

The time is around 9 in the night and the setting, an otherwise […]

Lewis Nkosi (1936-2010): An Appreciation

September 29th, 2010|

                  Lewis Nkosi (1936-2010):  An Appreciation
If Johannesburg became the “classical location” for “an African form of metropolitan modernity,” as Achille Mbembe argues in a recent essay, then the passing of Lewis Nkosi, who died of a stroke on September 5th at the age of seventy-three, marks the end of a […]

9/11 and the lives of Others: Yasmin (Dir. Kenny Glenaan, Screenplay by Simon Beaufoy)

September 14th, 2010|

Yasmin (2004) begins with a scene that forces discomfort upon its audience. We hear the azaan, wafting through the windows of a mosque and rolling onto the undulating English countryside, where a young woman, hidden away by the uneven topography, is getting out of her salwaar-kameez, and into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. […]

FILM REVIEW A Nun’s New Habit

September 1st, 2010|

A Nun’s New Habit
(Australia, 56 mins)
Writer/Director/Co Producer Robyn Hughan; Co Producer Veronica Sive; Editor Stefan Markworth
“Sister Carmel is no longer required to wear a habit, but since her return to the convent in the outback city of Whyalla, her new habit, is arguably just as profound.”
A Nun’s […]

A Film Editor’s Call to Contributors

August 25th, 2010|

I’m delighted to be serving as one of the Film Editors with the Postcolonial Networks website. I would welcome posts on a variety of topics – from film reviewers and critics, to amateur and professional film makers. The posts from members are an opportunity to share your creativity; to stimulate new conversations and […]

Post-Mandela Art?

August 23rd, 2010|

Post-Mandela Art?

By Timothy Johns

Though buried beneath controversies over vuvuzelas, refereeing, and the implosion of various national teams during the FIFA World Cup, Yiull Damaso’s autopsy painting of Nelson Mandela, titled “The Night Watch!”, nevertheless generated a considerable amount of heat this summer, particularly in the host […]


March 7th, 2010|

Am I going crazy? I have always been the kid who loved big-budget, effects driven films so much, I would spend endless hours debating with so-called "academics" regarding what deeper meanings can be gleaned from such films as Clash of the Titans, Spiderman, any of the Star Treks, and even Return of the Sith.