June 1, 2016 is the 60th birthday of our founder and president. Happy birthday Joe Duggan!

Joe’s wish on this day is to ask you—our friends and well-wishers—to support our work with Majority World scholars

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give $600

Postcolonial Networks has grown exponentially in the last year.

We are an organization that helps Majority World scholars (those doing academic work outside colonial/neocolonial centers of power). As Knowledge Activists, we look to change the way knowledge is produced and distributed throughout the world.

What does your contribution support?

  • Writing workshops in Majority World locations, like St. Paul’s University in Kenya, that help scholars turn their dissertations into publishable work
  • Writing residencies for Majority World scholars, to be able to come to a location with high academic resources to research and build relationships. We partner with academic institutions to sponsor scholars like Dr. John Ndavula, Dr. Julius Kithinji, Dr. Carlos José Beltrán Acero, Dr. Mary Tororeiy, and Dr. Lydia Mwaniki.
  • Mentoring programs, where established senior scholars mentor and help junior Majority World scholars break into academia
  • Publishing and publishing support through our partner organization, Borderless Press

If you can, please give today: