Welcome to the Journal of Postcolonial Networks!

The Journal of Postcolonial Networks works to the highest standards of scholarly excellence enabled by open-access technologies and works with the sense of a social movement’s urgency to publish knowledge.

Highest standards of scholarly excellence – Our journal board consists of leading scholars who are specialists in postcolonial theories and theologies. These board members review more than 90% of the papers submitted for peer review.

Open-access technologies – Most open access journals use one of several software tools available for “free” download. Most of these platforms require a technical resource to adapt and to continue to integrate technical updates. The Journal of Postcolonial Networks uses pmv and WordPress website to distribute peer-reviewed papers and book reviews along with other content. Therefore, our journal staff spends all of its time with authors, not maintaining systems.

Sense of urgency – In general, scholarly journals are very slow to publish peer-reviewed papers because they batch publish their papers in a quarterly or yearly print formats. The Journal of Postcolonial Networks publishes peer-reviewed papers when they are ready. With the cooperation of our peer reviewers who commit to a 30-day peer-review process, our quick yet meticulous copyediting team, and authors who commit to making revisions in a timely fashion, authors will see their published papers in roughly 90 days. Additionally, scholars around the world have the opportunity to read the latest thinking concurrent with emergent postcolonial questions.

Scholarly excellence, open-access technologies and a sense of urgency matters – The upcoming generation of web-savvy postcolonial scholars who value online research and global networking will undoubtedly find an ethically informed, intellectually rigorous, and creatively inspired community here.

Stay tuned for new journal features including an Arts section featuring film, music, and dance. Soon the Postcolonial Networks website will also be featuring discussions on the intersections of critical race theory and postcoloniality.

Please send your papers for peer review to Dr. Joseph Duggan, founding editor, nyclaman@gmail.com

Thank you for being a Journal of Postcolonial Networks reader!