Postcolonial Networks Author Mentoring Services

Through our knowledge activism, Postcolonial Networks has learned that some Majority World authors do not have the time or the financial and scholarly resources needed to publish their books. Postcolonial Networks’ knowledge activism mission is to increase the frequency and quality of published scholarship from these resource-challenged authors.

Postcolonial Networks offers to Majority World scholar-authors various mentoring services:

  • Scholarly Writing and Publishing Workshop — Postcolonial Networks offers free, intensive, five-day writing and publishing workshops each year at St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya. With support from donors, we plan to offer these workshops in other locations throughout the Majority World. See additional information on the workshop on the Postcolonial Networks home page.
  • Pre-peer review by a senior scholar — Recently completed Majority World PhDs can submit their doctoral theses/dissertations for review by one of our senior scholars, who will offer recommendations on the way to make the thesis/dissertation into a publishable scholarly book. Following the pre-peer review the author can either quickly proceed to the formal peer review or use a scholar mentor to supervise the author through the revision process leading to peer review.
  • Scholar mentor — Our mentors work very closely with authors, and offer assistance on research, development of an argument for publication, and assurance that all recommended pre-peer review revisions have been made to prepare for a successful peer review.

Postcolonial Networks has two ways of working with scholar mentors:

  • In the non-residency option, the author and mentor communicate via Skype and email to follow through on recommended revisions.
  • For some authors, it will be necessary to participate in a writing residency at another location due to a lack access to research in their usual location or a daily schedule that allows insufficient time to complete the book project.

In both residency and non-residency scholar mentorship, authors give bi-weekly reports to Postcolonial Networks and the scholar mentors on their progress toward completion of revisions.

For more information on our mentorship program, please contact Dr. RS Wafula at