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November 1, 2011, 2 Comments

It’s one thing to profess to having a faith and to have hope for human action as a positive force; it is another to subscribe to a religion that has become highly codified and rigid. The more a religion exercises control against our free will the more we think of it as a cult – as a harmful form of mind-control and manipulation. I suspect that in the long run those faith groups that are more responsive to the lived life of individuals and communities are better able to speak to the people and guide them most effectively in their ethical, critical and creative choices. But the predicaments of doctrine, tradition, the use of Church buildings, and faith as an informant of social action have been thrown into stark relief by recent events in The City of London.

Columbuscide Parade Protest: Stop Genocide, Racism and Imperialism

October 9, 2011, 1 Comment

The following reflections describe the experience of the authors at the protest of a columbus day parade in Denver in 2007. The American Indian Moveme ...

Looking for the Lost

April 22, 2011, No comments

Our stories tell us who we are. They hold the past, present and future together, and give continuity and meaning to what might otherwise be isolated ...

Our Decolonial Framework