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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Review of Lisa Isherwood ed. Prophets, Patriarchs and other Villains, Equinox, London & Oakville, 2007.

August 31st, 2010|

In her contribution to this diverse collection of essays, Marcella Althaus-Reid extends the landmark, loving critique of liberation theology that readers find in her book The Queer God (Routledge, 2003) by elaborating the place of desire. In her words, “the place of desire in theology” has been too often treated as though it is “strategically […]

Yours Truly: Bearing Syncretic Identities

August 29th, 2010|

dear body,
why have you always been a source of anxiety for me?
i used to be blissfully ignorant of your existence during my younger years, oblivious to the pain you would later inflict upon me.
and then i moved from a field of colored faces to become the embodiment of a blatant smear across a white canvas. […]

Traversing el Río:  Performing The/My (In)visible Mestizaje Body

August 29th, 2010|

Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
A borderland is a vague and undetermined place created by the emotional residue of an unnatural boundary. It is in a constant state of transition. – Gloria Anzaldúa

I am a border.  My body is a borderland.  Each day I wake, I carry with me the reality of having a Mestizaje body:  both Anglo and […]

A Film Editor’s Call to Contributors

August 25th, 2010|

I’m delighted to be serving as one of the Film Editors with the Postcolonial Networks website. I would welcome posts on a variety of topics – from film reviewers and critics, to amateur and professional film makers. The posts from members are an opportunity to share your creativity; to stimulate new conversations and […]

Post-Mandela Art?

August 23rd, 2010|

Post-Mandela Art?

By Timothy Johns

Though buried beneath controversies over vuvuzelas, refereeing, and the implosion of various national teams during the FIFA World Cup, Yiull Damaso’s autopsy painting of Nelson Mandela, titled “The Night Watch!”, nevertheless generated a considerable amount of heat this summer, particularly in the host […]