Postcolonial Networks (PN) has signed its first partnership agreement, formalizing its friendship with Grupo Gemrip (GG). GG is another grassroots organization passionate about the decolonization work that needs to be done in order for us all to live in nonviolent, just societies. See GG’s website.

Our two organizations are already working together as partners for the July 2013 “Pressing On” meeting, which will gather scholars and activists in Buenos Aires to honor the legacy of Marcella Althaus-Reid. From this meeting we will publish the first postcolonial theology book in Spanish.

Looking ahead there are many synergies between GG and PN. Both organizations are deeply invested in the decolonization of postcolonial scholarship. They are committed to praxis and to public education through strategic use of social media and web-based technologies. Nicolas Panotto (GG) and Joseph Duggan (PN) are actively working together to share resources in ways that help each of our organizations realize their visions. The journey ahead is filled with possibilities.