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Postcolonial Networks brings together scholars, activists, and leaders with the urgency of a movement to foster decolonized relationships, innovative scholarship, and social transformation.

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Joseph Duggan

About Joseph Duggan

Episcopal scholar-priest who is not ashamed of his "Anglican" heritage as it recovers the precolonial roots of Anglicanism. Imitating these Anglican roots Joe seeks the spatial privilege to be in the midst of radically opposing identities that disturb facile notions of unity resisting ideological notions of divinity. Founder of the Postcolonial Theology Network (PTN) on Facebook in Sept 2008; founder of Postcolonial Networks in February 2010 that includes the PTN website, the future postcolonial theologies-theories journal to be launched with Mario Aguilar Benitez at University of St. Andrew's within the next year and Widow's Mite, a foundation to enable cutting edge postcolonial scholarship (2011). The PTN initiates research networks around the world to produce high quality publications in disciplines that have historically not prioritized postcolonial research. Recent and future meetings include the first postcolonial Anglican critique of Church of England's mission of producing foreign parts (May 2008); bridging postcolonial theologies and theories in India (Jan 2010); developing a distinctive evangelical approach to postcolonial theology (Oct 2010); examine Edinburgh 1910 from a postcolonial mission theology perspective (Nov 2010) and integrate postcolonial and queer theologies and theories to honor Marcella Althaus-Reid, author of Indecent Theology (TBD 2011 with Mario Aguilar Benitez at University of St. Andrew's Scotland). Spouse-partner with Stefani Schatz, Episcopal priest and Rector of a large urban parish in Reno, Nevada. As busy as we are we share an evening meal four out of seven nights each week and enjoy cooking, travel and board games.

What Knowledge Activism Looks Like on the Continent of Africa

September 25th, 2015|

What Knowledge Activism Looks Like on the Continent of Africa

The first Africa Universities Summit—sponsored by Times Higher Education over a month ago—is still in the news!

Four African universities are listed in the Times Higher Education Rankings of the top 400 universities in the world! At the summit held at the University of Johannesburg, Times […]

August Class Syllabi

August 14th, 2012|

Biblical Hermeneutics

The Bible & Empire, Catherine Murphy, Santa Clara University (US)
Postcolonial Perspectives on the New Testament, Catherine Murphy, Santa Clara University (US)


Post-Colonial Theology, Kelly Denton-Borhaug, Moravian College (US)
The United Church Formation: Postcolonial Intercultural Ministry, HyeRan Kim-Cragg (Professor of Pastoral Studies at St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon), Vancouver School of Theology (British Columbia, Canada)
Christology and Theological Anthropology, […]

Book Release :: Decolonizing the Body of Christ

June 27th, 2012|

Decolonizing the Body of Christ: Theology and Theory After Empire offers a preview of the editors' priority for multireligious, indigenous, and transnational scholarly voices. The goal is to expand the postcolonial debate by inclusion of contextual voices and disciplines once excluded by canonical leaders of postcolonial studies...

June Class Syllabi

June 26th, 2012|

Postcolonial Biblical Hermeneutics

Topics in Scriptural Studies: Postcolonial Interpretations of the Bible, Rev. Dr. Loraine MacKenzie, University of Winnipeg (Canada)
Postcolonial Readings of the New Testament, Raj Nadella, McCormick Theological Seminary (US)
Biblical Hermeneutics, Arthur Jones, University of Winnipeg (Canada)
Feminist Interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures, Carolyn Sharp, Yale Divinity School (US)
New Testament Interpretation through Cross-cultural Eyes, Osvaldo Vena, […]

“Not ‘Can the subaltern speak?’ but ‘Is postcolonialism credible enough to listen?'”

June 25th, 2012|

In the new history section of the Postcolonial Networks website you are encouraged to read our "Timeline" to learn about the organic evolution of Postcolonial Networks...

Pressing On: Legacy of Marcella Alhaus-Reid

June 25th, 2012|

July 9-13, 2013 in Buenos Aires at ISEDET Meeting initiated by Postcolonial Networks ISEDET Scholar Convener - Nestor Miguez Meeting Scholar Conveners: Mario Aguilar, St. Andrew’s University...(CLICK TITLE FOR MORE)

Welcome to the Journal of Postcolonial Networks!

October 2nd, 2011|

The Journal of Postcolonial Networks works to the highest standards of scholarly excellence enabled by open-access technologies and works with the sense of a social movement’s urgency to publish knowledge. Highest standards of scholarly excellence – Our journal board consists of leading scholars who are specialists in postcolonial theories and theologies. These board members review more than 90% of the papers submitted for peer review. Open-access technologies – Most open access journals use one of several software tools available for “free” download. Most of these platforms require a technical resource to adapt and to continue to integrate technical updates...