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Postcolonial America, The American Transcendentalists, Aids to Reflection, and James Marsh

January 1st, 2011|

It is interesting to contrast and compare various academic views as to how Transcendentalism began in post-colonial America, including contemporary anthologies of American literature. Early academic works such as F.O. Matthiessen’s American Renaissance (1941), Ronald V. Wells’ Three Christian Transcendentalists: James Marsh, Caleb Sprague Henry and Frederic Henry Hedge (1972), John J. Duffy’s Coleridge’s American […]

Empire As a Way of Life — Christ and Racism… tools of empire from beginning?

September 6th, 2010|

Reading William Appleman Williams article “Empire as a Way of Life” in Paula Rothenberg’s reader BEYOND BORDERS for tomorrow’s Women and Global Colonialism Class and I’m irked by his over simplified analysis of race and the religion in the logic of invasion.  Williams suggests that scholars dealing with the problem have tended to spearate into […]