Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations: Global Awakening in Theology and Praxis, a product of the Postcolonial Roundtable led by Postcolonial Networks, was edited by PN members Kay Higuera Smith, Jayachitra, and L. Daniel Hawk and is scheduled for July 2014 publication with InterVarsity Press Academic.

The book’s description:

The problem of coloniality concerns the process of subjugating marginal voices by an imperial power or center—a process that continues today in various forms of neocolonialism, such as globalization. Postcolonialism arose in the latter half of the twentieth century to interrogate the problem of coloniality at the level of both discourse and practice. Postcolonialism pursues the decolonization of thought and action by disrupting forms of domination and empowering the marginalized to engage in countercolonial protest. In 2010, the Postcolonial Roundtable gathered at Gordon College to initiate a new conversation regarding the significance of postcolonial discourse for evangelicalism. The present volume is the fruit of that discussion. Addressing themes like nationalism, mission, Christology, catholicity and shalom, these groundbreaking essays explore new possibilities for evangelical thought, identity and practice. The contributors demonstrate the resources for postcolonial criticism within the evangelical tradition, as well as the need to subject evangelical thought to an ever new critique to prevent the formation of new centers of domination. Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations models the kind of open dialogue that the church needs in order to respond appropriately to the pressing concerns of the world today.

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