The May 2014 meeting on “The Postcolonial Church: Theology, Identity, and Mission” is on the horizon! Joseph Duggan and Esther Mombo, co-conveners of the meeting, invite you to St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya for a time of rich exchange. Take note of the following presenters and the titles of their papers: 

“Has the Catholic Charismatic Movement Helped Build a More Just Society?” by Dr. (Fr.) Reginald Alva, SVD; Assistant Professor, Nanzan University (Japan)

“A Re-imagination of the Preferential Option for the Poor in the Context of Postcolonial Political Theology in Africa” by Irene Ayallo, Lecturer, Department of Social Practice, Unitec Institute of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand)

“The First Printing Press in India and the First Prints in an African Language: Curious Intersections of the (Post) Colonial Church” by Saugata Bhaduri, Professor of English, Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi, India)

“Men and Women of God in the Media” by Ukiako Bitrus, Lecturer, St. Paul’s University (Limuru, Kenya)

“Still A Slave Down The Line” by Busolo George, Friends Theological College (Kaimosi Kenya)

“The Oracles of Haggai as Instruments for Defining the Mission of the Church in Post-Colonial Times” by D. C. Chemorion, St. Paul’s University (Limuru, Kenya)

“An Ecclesiology of the Inarticulate: Postcolonial Perspectives on the Church and Popular Religion” by Gemma Cruz, Senior Lecturer in Theology, Australian Catholic University (Melbourne, Australia)

“Afro-Pentecostalism as the Dominant Ecclesiastical Paradigm in the 21st Century: The Kenyan Experience” by Julius Gathago, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kenyatta University (Nairobi, Kenya)

“Homosexuality Reconsidered: A Perspective of African Psychological and Religious Anthropology” by Professor (Venerable) Ndung’u John Brown Ikenye, Lecturer in Counseling Psychology and Pastoral Theology, St. Paul’s University (Limuru, Kenya)

“Expanding the Legacy: From Evangelism and Church Planting to Missio Dei” by Steven Kariuki, Masters of Missiology Student, St. Paul’s University (Limuru, Kenya)

“Ngugi’s Postcolonial Bible” by Malebogo Kgalemango, Faculty in the humanities, University of Botswana (Botswana)

“Impunity and Exousia in Mark 1:21-28: Postcolonial Choices and Consequences for Kenyan Readers” by Julius Kithinji, Kenyatta University (Nairobi, Kenya)

“Inculturation as A Tool of Evangelization in the Postcolonial Church” by Oscar Lugusa Malande

“Paul’s Mimicry of the Empire: Galatians” by Andrew Lairenge, PhD Student (Biblical Studies), McGill University (Canada)

“The Indian Reformed Church in Africa: A Historical Appraisal” by Simi Malhotra, Professor of English, Jamia Millia Islamia (New Delhi, India)

“God Incarnate Can’t be Colonized” by Chris McManus, Founder of Midwives on Missions of Service (USA)

“The Resilience of the Postcolonial Church in ‘De-Ethnicizing’ Church’s Leadership: A Christian Response to Negative Ethnic Influence on Church’s Leadership” by Vundi Nason, St. Paul’s University (Limuru, Kenya)

“Moving the Center: Postcolonial Theology in the Life and Work of Ngugi Wa Thiongo” by Ewuare Osayande, Anti-Oppression Coordinator, Mennonite Central Committee (USA)

“Danger and Threat to Life in the Book of Esther: The Flip Side of a Success Story” by Mary Tororely, Lutheran Seminary of Chicago (USA)

“The Church’s Missionary Society Engagement with Muslims in East Africa: 1500-1914” by Joseph Wandera, St. Paul’s University (Limuru, Kenya)

“We Will Be Cooked in the Same Pot: A Postcolonial Kenyan Reading of the Book of Ruth” by R.S. Wafula, St. Paul’s University (Limuru, Kenya)

“Polygamy and Women’s Rights in the Kenya Constitution: should women be consulted before a man marries a second wife?” by John Peter Bwire, Lecturer of Kenyatta (Nairobi, Kenya)