Carlos José Beltrán Acero

Topic: O cristo afogado: uma não-cristologia. Religião, literatura e pós-colonialismo” [“The Drowned Christ: A Non-Christology – Religion, Literature, and Post-Colonialism.]

Discipline: Religion

David Fugoyo

Topic: Leadership Deficiency in the Judges Narratives

Discipline: Biblical Studies

Julius Kithinji

Topic: ADDRESSING Impunity in Kenya through a Postcolonial Reading of EXOUSIA (AUTHORITY) in Mark 1:21-28

Discipline: Biblical Studies

Lydia Mwaniki

Topic: God Image or Man’s Glory?: A Kenyan Postcolonial Feminist Reading of 1 Corinthians 11:1-16

Discipline: Biblical Studies (NT)

Patrick W. Nasong’o

Topic: A Hermeneutical and Exegetical Analysis of the Fulfillment of the Davidic Kingdom in the New Testament From the Perspectives of Traditional Dispensationalism and Postmillennialism

Discipline: Biblical Studies

John Ndavula

Topic: Determinants of social media use for political marketing in Kenya

Discipline: Communications

Emily Onyango

Topic: Gender and Development: A History of Girls’ Education in Kenya

Discipline: Education

Mary Tororeiy

Topic: Reclaiming Motherhood: A Woman~wise Reading of the Birthing Imagery in the Book of Job

Discipline: Biblical Studies (OT)

Lydia Wangungu

Topic:  Listening Competencies in English: A Descriptive Study of Primary School Teacher Trainees in Kenya

Discipline: English and Linguistics

Hulisani Ramantswana

Topic: God Saw That It Was Good, Not Perfect: A Canonical-Dialogic Reading of Genesis 1-3

Discipline: Biblical Studies

Joseph Wandera

Topic: Public Preaching and Interfaith Relationships: The Influence of Muslim and Pentecostal Leaders in Western Kenya

Discipline: Religious Studies